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Disclaimer: To all readers, please note that this not legal advice, nor is this coming from Salesforce. This is strictly my personal opinion and perspective as an Ex-Salesforce employee and experienced technologist working in the Data Privacy and Data Security space for awhile now.

This write-up is certainly long overdue…

45 minutes into the presentation, the CIO and I were butting heads. Everyone else was waiting for it to be over

He wanted more analysis and data, but I knew from first hand experience that it won’t change our direction

Someone later remarked that we were both addressing the wrong…

Days of self doubt / #Kaizenmantra

As someone with a non-technology degree and working in #tech, I have my share of #SelfDoubt and #ImpostorSyndrome days.

For those of you who have these too, here is a little thought from me. Happy New Year! …

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Update: Part 1 sparked some interesting thoughts on social media and folks raved about interesting ‘car-as-a-service’ subscription offerings such as ‘Clutch’ in Atlanta, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Cadillac, and Volvo care starting at $600 per month. Toyota has also announced its plans to roll out a similar service in 2019. There…


After decades of technology implementation experience and wisdom, the evolution of a range of methodologies, amazingly great tools to manage programs and remarkably superior software development platforms, why do we still continue to see project failures?

What differentiates a successful technology project from an unsuccessful one?

In my experience…

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Inspired by Creativity, Zen, Innovation, Technology, Data Privacy & Data Security for Salesforce & a burning desire to make the world a better place.

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